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Today Is The Day To Kill ACTA

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

As posted by Cory Doctorow over at BoingBoing today is the international day of action to KILL ACTA.

Here’s a snip from Cory’s post:

Today is the day of global protest against ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, a copyright treaty negotiated in secret (even parliaments and other legislatures weren’t allowed to see the the working drafts), and which many governments (include the American government) are planning to adopt without legislative approval or debate. ACTA represents a wish-list of legislative gifts to the entertainment industry, and will seriously undermine legitimate users of the Internet. It imposes criminal sanctions — with jail time — for people who violate copyright, including remixers and other legitimate artists and creators. ACTA requires governments to shut down legitimate websites whose users “aid and abet” copyright infringement, creating a regime of fear and censorship for sites that accept comments and other media from users and curtailing discussion and debate in order to maximize entertainment industry profits.

The arts should always be on the side of free expression. Creative industries should always be against censorship. This secret, undemocratic agreement that seeks to “preserve the creative industries” by imposing censorship and surveillance on the whole Internet lacks all legitimacy and should be rejected. If the entertainment industry wants laws passed to its benefit, let it use the same democratic mechanisms that all bodies use in free societies. Smoke-filled rooms and crony capitalism have no place in a free society.

Go to the post and use the form that is there to add your name to the growing list of people opposed to corporations deciding how to use government to seize control of your rights to free speech, free thought and free expression on the net.

Note: I tried posting the form here on my pages but I kept fucking something up so now I’m just linking to Cory’s post – one extra step – big fucking deal – click the link and sign the damn thing already.

Other people around the world are taking to the streets to loudly protest ACTA (and other similar secretive measures) and while it ain’t the equal of the desperate and bloody fights going on in Egypt or Syria it is just as important because ultimately if any of these corrupt treaties are enacted and acted upon it will be the gross legitimizing of corporate ownership of you and your children – and you’ll have no one to bame but yourselves.

Tell your friends, tell your family, stop strangers in the street, share links, sign petitions and if there are actual physical real world events happening near you then for fuck sake go to them and add your body to the movement and be counted.

And remember, TODAY will not be the only day needed to stop bullshit like this dead in its tracks. This is a fight that is going to continue on for the next few years until every single greedy weasel pushing for corporate control of our nervous system finally gets it into their pointy little heads to shut the hell up and sit the fuck down.

It’s a fight folks.


Jack Christie Talks To The Board

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Jack Christie – you are fucking awesome.

Cory Doctorow posted on BoingBoing about how Jack Christie (a 12th grade student at Donald A. Wilson Secondary School in Whitby, Ontario) has been suspended indefinitely for posting his animated videos on YouTube. Christie was originally given a one day suspension and ordered by the Principal, Warren Palmer to immediately remove the videos. Jack Christie refused and was then given the indefinite suspension. When Gavin Russell (prime minister of the student council) and others took up a petition to get Christie back in school they were told to stop and threatened with punishment.

Way to go, Mr. Palmer.

That’s a really unique way of teaching the fundamentals of democratic rights and freedoms to the youth of our country. But, of course, that’s not really what you were doing, was it? And, of course, they don’t really need to be taught these things, do they? No.

As amply demonstrated in Jack Christie’s rebuttal to the school board, it is the staff of Donald A. Wilson Secondary School (in particular Mr. Palmer) and the Durham District School Board that need to be taught the basics of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Take it away, Jack:

To be fair – not all school administrators are as thick as Mr. Wilson. However, the pinheads who do exist in positions of authority within our school system need to remember they are running (not ruling) institutions of learning – not prisons. Students are citizens. If a person in such a position of power is incapable of seeing the inappropriateness of their response to a situation and then wield their power further in a blind insistence of their authority – it becomes obvious that such a person is not worthy of maintaining that position.

The principal of Donald A. Wilson Secondary School – and the Durham District School Board – owe Jack Christie a very humble and public apology.

Shame on you, Mr. Palmer.

Jack Christie – you fucking rock.

Never apologize. Never retract. Never back down.


P. S. I especially liked the part with: “Look at the fucking puppety puppet!” – but maybe that’s just me.

P. P. S. You can read further coverage by the Globe & Mail here – where the comments are priceless. And there’s a report over at ParentCentral with a great photo from one of Christie’s videos where he suggests Sen. Joe Leiberman has sexual relations with goats.

Wouldn’t surprize me at all.