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Fight Against ACTA Heats Up

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

First, here’s a news report on the growing worldwide outrage over the ACTA treaty which, if implemented, will censor the internet and destroy freedom of speech at the behest of a handful of corporations.

And then there’s a talk given by Prof. Michael Geist which lays out the fight – thus far – against legislation like SOPA, PIPA, TPP and ACTA and what needs to happen to continue defending human rights to communicate freely against corporate corruption of government bodies.

I’ll post links here for you to go to petition sites and info sites and all that crap – when, if you really do give a shit (and you should), all you have to do is Google ACTA or do a search on BoingBoing for ACTA – so you can add your voice to the growing clamour for governments to stop being ignorant rubber stamp toadys of their corporate circle-jerk partners.

When shit like this gets people out on the streets in the middle of winter you know they are fucking angry. And if the cumtwads in suits who fancy themselves the new aristocracy think they’re going to actually get away with this shit they will be SO surprized when the dissent on the streets reaches through the tubes of the interwebz and chokes the bejeezuz out of their scrawny little testicles.

Fuck them.

But also be aware – they will NEVER stop trying. Evar. So we have to constantly be in the mode of kicking those fuckweeds in the gonads – hopefully on a daily basis. It’ll be good exercise for our democratic muscles and probably eternally entertaining to listen to them whine and squeal as we put the boots to them. Yes – it’ll get tiring from time to time but in the end it will be worth it.

So – want to help keep the world free? Make every day “Kick A Corporate Weasel In The Nuts Day”.


Have a nice day.

Henry James Ferry – Grounded News – Occupy Wall Street vs. Tea Party

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Henry James Ferry of Grounded News reports from Liberty Park in New York City, comparing the growing protest movement and accompanying police response to previous Tea Party events. Concise and to the point, Ferry debunks the corporate media bulshit and points out the obvious differences between the actions of the far right and the popular revolt which is spreading across America.

Well done.

I’ve nattered on in these pages before about how Net Neutrality equals Free Speech and needs to be vigorously protected by an engaged and active citizenry. Watching the major news outlets ignore and then distort the events unfolding in New York serves as a very strong example of precisely what I was taking about.

Can you imagine what would happen if the only access to news we had was through the papers, radio and television networks?

Back in the 1960′s and early ’70′s there was still a modicum of journalistic integrity which allowed news unfavourable to the corporate classes to be broadcast and discussed freely. Reports on riots in the streets, mass arrests and use of the National Guard on campuses – as well as front line footage which brought an un-embedded view of the Vietnam war into the living rooms of America, and the rest of the world – played a decisive role in slowing the corporate takeover of U.S. democracy and ending the profitable and tragic debacle in Vietnam.

The lessons from those days was obviously learned by authorities within the police and news industries – just as it was within the music and other entertainment industries (you won’t find any anti-war songs on the Top 10 these days) – and more pervasive and monolithic controls of these information sources has been corporatized to craft a simple, bland and diverting flow of stories that pass for news and culture.

The net eludes that control and will continue to do so as long as it remains free and out of the controlling hands of corporate power and corrupt governments. Otherwise we’ll just be listening to more Justin Beiber tunes sung in reality show competitions while the few who choose to stand up against corruption and theft get the snot smacked out of them by police thugs with no one paying attention – or being able to pay attention – or being allowed to pay attention.

So – pay attention.

Thankfully we are at a cusp where the ability to control the net has not been entrenched and cannot be enforced – yet – and the lies or non-news being spewed by old media is readily being shown to the world as the truckload of rancid horseshit it actually is.

I don’t care who’s side you’re on or what your personal political perspectives are. What I do care about is the ability of everyone to engage in free and open debate. That will not be possible without a neutral net.

Net Neutrality is Free Speech.


Meanwhile – Wall Street Protests Continue

Monday, September 26th, 2011

The mainstream media is not reporting a continuing protest on Wall Street, New York. The encamped protestors are growing in numbers as they continue their vigil to force a change in the political and economic war being waged within their country. Arrests have been made, people have been clubbed, gassed and harrassed – but the protest continues. It’s kinda like the G20 in Toronto – in slow motion.

It has been fascinating to watch unfold online – especially considering the dearth of coverage by major news outlets that habitually swarm over paltry Tea Party demonstrations and yet somehow find the spectacle of a few thousand people marching and camping out in the nation’s financial district despite being battered by an increasingly belligerent police force to be not worthy of a single mention. Shame on them.

Thank goodness for social media – the Twitter feed #ourwallstreet is a good source of news as are numerous independent video streams – thank goodness for Keith Olbermann (this from a few days ago):

- and a big thank you to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! (you’ll want to watch this more up-to-date coverage):

I want to post more on this but I have pressing concerns here at home. When I can I’ll let out a bigger longer rant.

These protestors aren’t going anywhere soon but it would serve you well to delve deeper and find out more about what is happening in New York and, potentially, more cities as this protest continues to grow.


I’m Not Ignoring You – I’m Just Busy

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Having a blog fills me with a sense of obligation – and resultant despair when I fail to oblige. I used to plough out 3 to 4 posts per day when I first started my blog a few years ago but that has since tapered off to a more reasonable 1 per day – or so.

Lately I’ve been remiss and haven’t kept up with the flow of information across the smoothed rocky shores of my mind. I like going to that water’s edge to draw a drink for you to share but I haven’t been able to the past few weeks because I’ve just been so damned busy.

I am still working on the post for the Ruffus The Dog Christmas Caroland I’m writing scripts for a children’s series for a friend because it’s fun and it pays the rent – and I was working on a proposal for a new web series called My Kitteh! which is a collaboration with my talented wife Karen Valleau which promises to be lots of fun – and I’m making plans for another production which I hope to fund and put before the cameras before the year is out.

And I’m also looking for other revenue generating work.

So, as you can see, it’s been challenging to do all of the above and follow an exercise regime I’ve convinced myself is necessary to stay alive and mobile and keep up with the blogging too.

This week requires a great deal from me but next week I should have enough free moments in my usual ADHDay to plant some brain seeds here for you to watch grow into something resembling a better metaphor than what I attempted to make work at the beginning of this sentence.

See? I can’t even write.

Too busy.

More later.


P. S. Speaking of monkeys – here’s Jonathan Coulton’s “Code Monkey” – enjoy!

Dr. Horrible On The Emmys

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Neil Patrick Harris did a great job as host of last night’s Emmy Awards broadcast but the highlight was clearly the appearance of Dr. Horrible.

Update: The folks at YouTube pulled the original posting of the video so I’m providing my own copy here – which is a legitimate fair use of the material since it’s being presented as a cultural critique of the event. That’s my fancy way of saying that any brown-nosing legal interns should just fuck off and leave this alone unless you want to get counter-sued for abusing the DMCA.

There were a number of cracks made about the death of broadcast television and while the whole event was obviously a cheer leading session in defence of a dying industry – including this clip mocking the net – it was clear that what was happening to television had to be acknowledged.

Television has followed the course proscribed by McLuhan when he said old media would become the content of new media. The best television programs now are comprised of film content which no longer gets made for theatrical release – cinema, true cinema, is now the content of television. Television itself is being subsumed within the growing influence of the net. The broadcast industry (which includes the caretakers of the pipes – the telco & cable industries) are actively seeking to control and restrain the net to become merely another form of television but that denies the obvious. The internet is not television – but television can, and will, be contained within the internet.

The internet, as a medium, far surpasses the limited abilities of broadcast television.

As for reality television, which had it’s own full category last night, I made the comment on Twitter that reality tv used to be called “The News”. This explains why the nation has such a tenuous and slender grasp on reality itself.

Enjoy how the story of our disrupted culture unfolds. If it’s too much to bear – hide in the basement, sofa monkeys, and make a freeze ray.


P. S. If the audience numbers for last night’s show are any indication – only 12 million viewers, the lowest ever for an Emmy broadcast – the industry is indeed undergoing a significant seachange. Even taking into account Tivo or other time-shifting measures we’ll soon see the day when a simple clip like this garners a larger number of views than the entire audience for broadcast itself. Thanks for watching.

Swine Flu, Pirates, Torture – J. P. Houston Sings The News

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

My musical compadre, J. P. Houston, has decided to start singing the news. This first installment, entitled, Swine Flu, Pirates, Torture was written and recorded today.

J. P. Houston Sings The News

You can listen to it on his site or right here:

J. P. now resides in LA and hangs out with the Joshua Tree music scene. He wrote the songs and scores for all our television productions including The Big Comfy Couch and Ruffus The Dog. His personal work is always stunning and his ambitious plans for future projects is inspiring.