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Today Is The Day To Kill ACTA

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

As posted by Cory Doctorow over at BoingBoing today is the international day of action to KILL ACTA.

Here’s a snip from Cory’s post:

Today is the day of global protest against ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, a copyright treaty negotiated in secret (even parliaments and other legislatures weren’t allowed to see the the working drafts), and which many governments (include the American government) are planning to adopt without legislative approval or debate. ACTA represents a wish-list of legislative gifts to the entertainment industry, and will seriously undermine legitimate users of the Internet. It imposes criminal sanctions — with jail time — for people who violate copyright, including remixers and other legitimate artists and creators. ACTA requires governments to shut down legitimate websites whose users “aid and abet” copyright infringement, creating a regime of fear and censorship for sites that accept comments and other media from users and curtailing discussion and debate in order to maximize entertainment industry profits.

The arts should always be on the side of free expression. Creative industries should always be against censorship. This secret, undemocratic agreement that seeks to “preserve the creative industries” by imposing censorship and surveillance on the whole Internet lacks all legitimacy and should be rejected. If the entertainment industry wants laws passed to its benefit, let it use the same democratic mechanisms that all bodies use in free societies. Smoke-filled rooms and crony capitalism have no place in a free society.

Go to the post and use the form that is there to add your name to the growing list of people opposed to corporations deciding how to use government to seize control of your rights to free speech, free thought and free expression on the net.

Note: I tried posting the form here on my pages but I kept fucking something up so now I’m just linking to Cory’s post – one extra step – big fucking deal – click the link and sign the damn thing already.

Other people around the world are taking to the streets to loudly protest ACTA (and other similar secretive measures) and while it ain’t the equal of the desperate and bloody fights going on in Egypt or Syria it is just as important because ultimately if any of these corrupt treaties are enacted and acted upon it will be the gross legitimizing of corporate ownership of you and your children – and you’ll have no one to bame but yourselves.

Tell your friends, tell your family, stop strangers in the street, share links, sign petitions and if there are actual physical real world events happening near you then for fuck sake go to them and add your body to the movement and be counted.

And remember, TODAY will not be the only day needed to stop bullshit like this dead in its tracks. This is a fight that is going to continue on for the next few years until every single greedy weasel pushing for corporate control of our nervous system finally gets it into their pointy little heads to shut the hell up and sit the fuck down.

It’s a fight folks.


Fight Against ACTA Heats Up

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

First, here’s a news report on the growing worldwide outrage over the ACTA treaty which, if implemented, will censor the internet and destroy freedom of speech at the behest of a handful of corporations.

And then there’s a talk given by Prof. Michael Geist which lays out the fight – thus far – against legislation like SOPA, PIPA, TPP and ACTA and what needs to happen to continue defending human rights to communicate freely against corporate corruption of government bodies.

I’ll post links here for you to go to petition sites and info sites and all that crap – when, if you really do give a shit (and you should), all you have to do is Google ACTA or do a search on BoingBoing for ACTA – so you can add your voice to the growing clamour for governments to stop being ignorant rubber stamp toadys of their corporate circle-jerk partners.

When shit like this gets people out on the streets in the middle of winter you know they are fucking angry. And if the cumtwads in suits who fancy themselves the new aristocracy think they’re going to actually get away with this shit they will be SO surprized when the dissent on the streets reaches through the tubes of the interwebz and chokes the bejeezuz out of their scrawny little testicles.

Fuck them.

But also be aware – they will NEVER stop trying. Evar. So we have to constantly be in the mode of kicking those fuckweeds in the gonads – hopefully on a daily basis. It’ll be good exercise for our democratic muscles and probably eternally entertaining to listen to them whine and squeal as we put the boots to them. Yes – it’ll get tiring from time to time but in the end it will be worth it.

So – want to help keep the world free? Make every day “Kick A Corporate Weasel In The Nuts Day”.


Have a nice day.

David Suzuki On The Occupy Protests

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen . . . Dr. David Suzuki:

Marshall McLuhan – Apropos Of Last Night’s Debates

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

I found this clip over at – it’s from the pre-Reagan era when Jimmy Carter had just debated Gerald Ford in 1976.

McLuhan’s POV on all this is spot on and terribly apropos of our own debates held last night – but not entirely for the reasons spoken of by

After Jimmy Carter’s time in office it was Reagan who took the reins of power and, under the guidance of his media handlers, successfully distorted the role of the U.S. news media in their coverage of the White House using such tactics as: keeping the press distanced and granting access as a special favour; knowing the TV media needs pictures and knowing that’s all the pubic responds to; regardless of what bad news or scandals were being intoned by news anchors if it was only accompanied by staged, happy, smiley posed images of the jolly Reagan then the audience didn’t listen to the news – they responded to the pictures alone.

Harper has been doing this same tactic over the past year after he installed John Baird as his bulldog in Parliament – so there would be no images or sound bites of Harper having to respond to uncomfortable questions in front of the other elected representatives. This serves to convey an image of Harper as being presidential, too busy doing the business of state, and above the fray. Keep the image clean and happy. Strike the pose you want. Deny access except to convey the desired staged images.

Harper wasn’t even present in Parliament when the charges of contempt were brought down upon him and his party – an historical first for any parliamentary democracy. He didn’t want to be anywhere near it – so he could pretend it never happened and was of no consequence to him, the busy, industrious presidential leader of the Harper Goverment

This was ramped up further during these past weeks of electioneering: keeping the reporters at bay, roped off like kids on a school tour; being discouraged from covering any images of protest that conflicted with the desired happy smiling images chosen by the campaign; denying access by limiting questions to a mere 5 (one designated to a local reporter); deliberately not engaging or responding to issues or questions put forth by the press or the public. Just smile and wave, boys, just smile and wave.

And now – in the debate – Harper made a point of only responding with repetitive talking points, echoing the messages contained in their advertisements; ignored and refused to engage with the issues, the questions and even with the other party leaders.

They spoke to him – he spoke to the camera.

Stephen Harper seeks to remake Canada into a backward little-boy’s vision of America – with him as the President who gets to make policy and issues orders without the unnecessary bickering which is also sometimes regarded as debate, democracy and true parliamentary process.

Woe to Canada should this man ever be given even the slimmest of majorities.

During his time as a minority Prime Minister (albeit with the cowardly assistance of the opposition parties – too craven to fight too hard lest they lose the slightest grip on their own political standings) has consistently worked outside of Parliament – using deceit, delay and outright fucking lies to slowly, relentlessly, dismantle the operations and power of the very structure of our parliamentary democracy. Contempt indeed.

Given a majority he will set Canada upon a path where true civil discourse, true elected representation, and truth itself will be put in peril. He will, in short, craft his small-boy punitive and nasty-hearted dream of a mini-America. Our majority Mini-Me Prime Minister will become a President of a country that encourages and rewards those who seek to profit from the suffering of others – and punish and imprison all who disagree or dare defy his role as Daddy of all the people.

Stephen Harper has already proven himself to be a hypocrite and a liar who holds the very workings of our parliamentary democracy in contempt. Parliament represents the voice of the people – and he is contemptuous of that. I would say: “Shame on you, Stephen Harper.” – but I know he has no shame – just bald avaricious lust for power and the desire to punish those weaker than himself in order to satiate his perverse needs to feel strong.

Harper believes this country should be run like a business – indeed – he believes it should be run by business.

Stephen Harper is a fascist.

Please vote. Vote however you wish to – but vote. And please encourage young voters to turn out. Their voice must be heard. Last election there was a pitifully low turnout. If they can be convinced of the worthiness in exercising the right to vote – it can change this country, and consequently the world, for the better. They need to engage with our democracy to make it work. They need to add their voices to the voice of the people – before someone chooses to silence it.

Rick Mercer says it much better than me – pass it on:


P.S. Tom Brokaw sounds as if he’s struggling to remember the handful of catch phrases he remembers from those books of McLuhan’s he never got around to finishing and never really understood anyway.

The Power Of The Mash-Up

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

I present this as an example of the power of the mash-up to comment, contrast, parody, satirize and otherwise take the piss out of anyone or anything which affects us all.

Removing the power of the people to speak back through culture only serves to give power to assholes like this funky jerk with a great set of pipes. Support fair copyright reform, like Net Neutrality it is a vital component of Free Speech.


P.S. In Finland Broadband Is A Legal Right – tell your phone & cable companies and their big media lobbyists to fuck off.