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Trying To Get It All Done

Friday, April 10th, 2009

my_writing_processAlthough today is Good Friday – ( I’m always naturally inclined to shout: “What’s so good about it?!” ) - and that makes it an official sort of holiday, official enough that my son is home from school and underfoot, I am still trying to get my tasks done so I can finally, once and for all, stamped it no erasing, launch my other fucking web site. I’ve used this animated GIF in the earlier iteration of this blog and remembered it fondly enough to include it here. That, of course, lead me down the rabbit hole of leafing through all my image files from the old posts and, just like when you clean out the attic or the cluttered shelf at the back of the closet, found myself saying things like: “Ohhh, I remember that one!” and wanting to post it once again for all to see. In all modesty, I did some funny shit with my Photoshopped images and I will make an effort to re-use them here but for now I can only regard the effort as yet another steaming wad of procrastinaton that stands before me and my goal of project completion. Hell, just writing all these words here is an act of procrastination in itself; dutifully pounding out an endless stream of description that has no deeper meaning or purpose other than to keep me from doing what it I have tasked myself with.


I’m still here – I’m still posting – and when I’m done with my work I will post here about that and tell you what went into making it all happen.

Jill Gollick has been kind enough to invite me to participate in one of her great WGC discussions at Camera on April 29th to talk about the project. You can find out more at the Facebook page for the Web Creators Show And Tell event. That should be fun. We might even be streaming the evening online – I’ll let you know if we get that happening.

And now I shall walk away from the interwebs and get my ass to work.