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Meanwhile – Wall Street Protests Continue

Monday, September 26th, 2011

The mainstream media is not reporting a continuing protest on Wall Street, New York. The encamped protestors are growing in numbers as they continue their vigil to force a change in the political and economic war being waged within their country. Arrests have been made, people have been clubbed, gassed and harrassed – but the protest continues. It’s kinda like the G20 in Toronto – in slow motion.

It has been fascinating to watch unfold online – especially considering the dearth of coverage by major news outlets that habitually swarm over paltry Tea Party demonstrations and yet somehow find the spectacle of a few thousand people marching and camping out in the nation’s financial district despite being battered by an increasingly belligerent police force to be not worthy of a single mention. Shame on them.

Thank goodness for social media – the Twitter feed #ourwallstreet is a good source of news as are numerous independent video streams – thank goodness for Keith Olbermann (this from a few days ago):

- and a big thank you to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! (you’ll want to watch this more up-to-date coverage):

I want to post more on this but I have pressing concerns here at home. When I can I’ll let out a bigger longer rant.

These protestors aren’t going anywhere soon but it would serve you well to delve deeper and find out more about what is happening in New York and, potentially, more cities as this protest continues to grow.


R.E.M.ix “It’s The End Of TV As We Know It”

Monday, September 26th, 2011