John Perry Barlow At The eG8


John Perry Barlow, the author of the Declaration Of Independence Of Cyberspace, was at the recent eG8 conference where he spoke very eloquently about the bullshit efforts of governments and corporations to own and control the internet. French President Sarkozy bluntly described the internet as “a new territory waiting to be conquered”.

Yeah – you little weasel – that worked out real well for you and yours in Africa, didn’t it? Fucker.

It’s worth listening through the over-chewed garbage coming out of the mouths of the other participants as they spew nonsensical propaganda about the “creation industry” for Barlow’s response, where he cuts them off at the knees.

Listen to Barlow and learn – because the internet, the technological extension of your nervous system that connects you with other human beings around the world, is under siege by the corrupt powers who believe they are entitled to own and control you.

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P.S. I found this stuff over at Roger Davies excellent blog.

P.P.S. Also scrounged from Davies’ blog is this short interview with Jeff Jarvis on his reaction to the eG8. Jarvis is always worth reading and listening to – like this excellent write up of the eG8 from his own blog.

eG8 – Jeff Jarvis – CUNY Professor in Journalism from OWNI on Vimeo.

P.P.S.S.-etc. And from Susan Crawford, via her Twitter feed, comes this excellent post by Alex Howard which pretty much sums up the whole eG8 clusterfuck.


Keynote – e-G8 from lessig on Vimeo.

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