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TED Talk – Evan Williams on Twitter

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter speaks at TED about how the users of Twitter are finding unexpected ways of using their ability to tweet which, in turn, is driving the explosive growth of what many are discovering to be a highly addictive, dynamic and (I suspect) life changing way of communicating with our fellow human beings.

Neat stuff.

After a full day of disheartening and frustrating effort, I’m not holding out much hope now for being able to reconstruct the old pages of this blog. That’s a shame but I can’t dwell on trying to rebuild it – there’s new stuff I have to concentrate on completing. If anyone wants to search for specific posts feel free to visit and use their Wayback Machine and see what you can find.


Probing For Old Posts

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Slowly but surely I’m worming my way into the archives on the net and finding more of my old blog posts.

I may even have an older database file I can use to resurrect most of what was lost.

I’m very appreciative of the comments and other messages I’ve been getting from folks expressing their dismay at the loss of what used to be here and their suggestions for how to remedy the situation.

I think what I’ll do is create a separate archive area for the blog that used to be which can be visited from here. It’s a drag because it’ll fuck with my traffic stats but it’s not like I was racking up huge numbers to begin with. I average about 45,000 page hits a month – it rides in a steady sine wave between 30K and 60K – which is respectable but certainly not the basis for any sort of advertising based financial security.

For now, the other web site gets my full attention and when it’s ready to launch I’ll be sure to holler here and elsewhere. In the meantime, check out this cool ABC Nightline coverage about Twitter.


P. S. Thanks to Fred for sending me that photo. You can find more like that over at Digdads.

UPDATE: Just checked my web stats – cuz that’ what I always do when there are obviously more important things attempting to command my attention – and my web traffic literally doubled after I completely screwed everything. I should fuck up more often!

I Fucked My Blog

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Welcome to what used to be the millsworks blog.

I had a little “accident” whilst upgrading my WordPress blogging software and as a result the database file that held all my shit together has been rent asunder – thus resulting in the diaspora of my aforementioned shit.

Monkey Washes Cat

The first thing you always have to do after an unexpected shit diaspora is to wash the cat.

I will do my level best to repair the site as much as I can but there will, no doubt, be significant losses of content.  I’m more sad than pissed off about that. 2 years of fairly interesting shit – flushed.

The overall look of the site was due for reconstruction anyway but I’m a big fan of archiving material and never a big fan of pounding my skull against concrete walls in frustration.

We’ll see what can be done.

Thanks for your patience.


P. S. Tuesday, February 24th, 4:38 pm: Uh – nope – still fucked.

P. P. S. But some great advice from a lot of people. I have high hopes of a solution using a combination of services like and their amazing WayBack Machine. Tally ho, Sherman!

But it’s all gonna look very different from what it used to be – which is a good thing.